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Track your own company and competitors

Monitor your online presence to see what others see about you.

Compare and chart yourself versus your competitors.

Track your progress as you improve your online presence.

Stay alert to anything affecting your online reputation.

Track your clients

Send reports to your clients

Each client will be tracked against their own respective competitors

Use reports to do initial review on clients or to close a sale

Use as ongoing validation to showcase the results you deliver for your clients

Track your portfolio

Track your entire portfolio of companies

Track your current portfolio and share with them their report

Monitor potential investments and stay on top of inflection points

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Get a bird’s eye view across your entire industry

Quickly see who is trending and how the industry compares

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Current Sources Available:

  • LinkedIn
  • GooglePlus

We are adding new sources based on customer requests.Tell us which ones you’d like to see added.

About Us

TrackaCompany (TAC) is the first offering from the OpenSide company, a specialist in integration and automation software. TAC is a perfect showcase of the OpenSide platform which demonstrates the ability to build world class applications involving the aggregation of multiple data sources. OpenSide builds enterprise applications for the marketing industry.

Dan (Danny) Fellars is the founder and creator of OpenSide and Throughout his career in software development, management, and investing, Danny has always gravitated towards integration and automation. He has led both development and marketing departments and is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for Cross Creek Advisors and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.